Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Photos that I have on the pooter

Some more random pics that I have for you viewing enjoyment.

Italian festival, I think we got 2nd place in Gravy that year.

When not having a costume is your costume

Hannah Montana and her daddy

I should have shot the number 4 horse that day, damn Glue factory candidate

What do you mean my cholesterol is larger than the deficit?

And to think that this woman serves me drinks

Ever wonder what 30 pounds of cooked pasta and 20 gallons of gravy look like?

Why do I suspect the one on the left is going to be caught underage in a strip bar throwing dollars like Kid Rock?

Elvis is alive and well and apparently off the pills too!

Damnit D.A.D. I told you not to touch my beer!

When that spiky haired guy came to Memphis to eat some local flava!

MLGW loves us in December and so do the stuck up neighbors!

Yeah it must be August

Dude if I didn't know any better I would think this could be the King!

Hey I want some of that cold pop!

Brings a new meaning to Sunday in Tiaras!
Then you have this Bro-mance!
Taken before Jerry's World was open

Sadly they never picked us for OK's pic of the week (bastards)

Crikey Cover her eyes, she is agitated!

They were no fun in the Holler either

That's right my nephew's picture is proudly hanging in Alex's tavern with the other kids! Too bad his mother dressed him in Faggy Clothes though!

Damn Nova, Dita, Bill, Becky, Farmer Ted and Rambo!

No comment!

Really No comment!
More pics later (I got to go back to work!)

I think my pooter may have H1N1 - It is about as right as saying Mongo for Mayor

Another great advantage to being Carbunkle Trumpet is that I can hammer a 10 inch spike with my schmeckle my wife and I have a great Mantra in that "If the bills are paid and we have any money left over let's go get drunk Travel!" (Sorry I am really liking the feature of the line through the text, I could raise it to a new level if I apply myself.
As I was going through the tons of pictures I notice that I really need to download them to a disk because some are great pics and for some reason the old Gateway is Effing acting up so I figure I would just do an old picture post.
When I first started doing the Blog I was shamed inspired by some ladies who live in Playa Del Carmen and San Pedro Belize with their blogs in that it wasn't so much their writing but their pictures. Then as the blog thing came about more, I picked up another San Pedro Belize Blog that does a lot of pictures and it helps me keep from killing my Admin or just drinking at my desk. Thankfully Mrs Trumpet and I have had the good fortune of meeting all of these ladies (and their men too) and consider them friends and regularly read whats going on in their lives.
By the way, why is it that there aren't more Men Blog writers? I mean don't get me wrong I love enjoy it when I get a comment but come on guys, get to it! I am here to tell you that you can write and drink a beer diet coke while you type.

Ok to the pictures that are on my hard drive that I have never posted;

That is what I can do really well, drink and fish!

Me and Australian Elvis!

The Taco's of San Pedro

Good Work out of us on a Friday Night!

First Anniversary of the Monkey burning down

Albert (less than a year old) came to terrorize Maddy

I dare Didi to tell me to remove this picture as he is Mr. Anti-Blog

Hell I didn't know this was on there! Good pic of us if I say so!

First trip in an Aeirpane (as he calls it) to Belize!

Look at the fear in Brittney's eyes as Mallory tries not to notice Alex hitting on her

The Truth in Advertising!

King of the world on a 100K capacity forklift!

You better pucker up AJ, his Belizean arse will be here in December!

I do miss that Crazy Bastard, we had some good times together!
Trivia question to those who read this crap - Who's grave is this?

Me and the MN/BZE Blogger Ruthie

Sometimes it is good to live near the river!

Somehow I think they were disappointed when I told them this was going to be in "girls of San Pedro Gone Wild!"

Let me tell you, you have not lived till you get a Friday night drunken foam call from that man!

You know what they say about a flat head? Nah, Rosalie was a neat (and funny as shit) lady!

You see that in his left hand? Those are two Belmont Stakes tickets worth 9 grand!
More pics tomorrow night!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kiki turns 30 and Missy is a Cougar!

One of the advantages of being Carbunkle Trumpet is that I have a ton of short pants hanging in my closet I am a social person and am very accepting of others beliefs, views and their outlook on life. What is funny is that occasionally find myself the younger one in the crowd that I run with and this doesn't bother me as we are only as old as we act. A couple of months ago Missy (fellow Band Geek friend of Mrs Trumpet from the first grade) sent us a "Save the Date" for her partner's birthday HER EFFING 30TH BIRTHDAY I might add vaulting Missy into Cougardom as she is a tad over 40.
Anyway the party was to be a surprise and Missy had a heck of a spread for us on the rooftop of a downtown condo building, full bar, band and even a pool (that got used from what I hear) so the Missy Rule was in effect in that if you went away hungry or sober you didn't try very hard.
Happy Birthday Kiki and I am glad to know who is going to be changing my depends and making sure my vodka IV stays full!

Band was rocking all night with the good stuff!

Birthday girl

Don't let those smiles fool you, these ladies can do some damage to an open bar!

Speaking of damage, looks like someone is down for the count!

Poor Karen, I have shoes older than her but don't worry we had a good time at your party for you!

Tucker and Lally

Tucker said she wanted to get a photo with two of the hottest straight men at the party!

Don't hate Travis because he is wearing a green shirt

The Woodwind section of SHS Class of ????

Hey Can you play "Free Bird!"

I know there are some Ugly Biotches!

Between the both of us we have 20 gallons of hair care product in our hair!

You know what is also good about being CBT, the good looking taller women!

Rut Row Looks like Matt (and his Biotches) are going to sing a little song!

Mustang Sally!

You can take a girl out of the Band Country but you can't take the band out of the girl!

Get ready for the big finish girls!

Momma and her Didi

Matt giving his daughter a twirl

All in all it was a good time and thank you Missy and Kiki for a great evening!