Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pasando Cuarenta

The other day I was on the 'foam' with one of my fraternity brothers from college and he asks me "So CBT you ready for it?" I had to admit that I was not sure what he was meaning so I asked him ready for what and he says "Turning 40 can you believe it?" Then the next day I read the FB update of a good high school friends wife and she remarks that he is having problems with turning 40 and he is going on a diet, working out and is suffering from a mid life crisis. Now when I was younger (grade school) I recalled when my parents turned 40 and thinking back wow they were old! Granted when you are 13 years old the only thing you have to look forward to in Catholic grade school was if you got to touch a boob or french kiss a girl so there is a lot that you don't know back then. Being that I am the youngest of the crowd that I run with I have found that you are only as old as you act. I know people who have the zest of life that are older than my parents and in thinking "I want to be like XXX when I grow up!"
Back to the original question in "Am I ready for turning 40" well I sure as hope so because it is rapidly approaching and I can say that I am ready to make it my biotch! I got a great wife, great friends, I am in good health and am not afraid to venture out on that branch if I have to. Those who sit back and stress over "I should have done this...." or "Why didn't I do..." all I have to say to you that there is still time. I don't really have a bucket list like some of my friends do because I want my whole life to be a bucket list. Life is too short to stay in the slow lane!

In closing the only thing that I really do regret is that I am now 10 years closer to having that Anal Rape with the Camera that all males have to have when they turn 50. Deep down I am afraid that I may like it!

What can I say even Mac loves the CBT back in the day!


Who the hell is that short skinny kid in the middle? I really blame Bud Light for my current pediment, and cooking shows, and taco bell, and Vodka, and.....

I think I weighed a buck twenty five back in college

This was before his first run as President and I think that we were undefeated when he came to the games too!

Screw that Lordy Lordy Crap, I want this on my cake! Mind you pink isn't my signature color but I am ready!
I don't know how to upload a Youtube but this is going to be my new Mantra!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Smoker was starting to wonder...

if I didn't love her anymore so I decided that Saturday would be named 'yard bird' Saturday. After a couple trips into Midtown (extra one to get lump charcoal that I let run out) I had all the ingredients that I needed to today's cooking lesson. I have been watching TLC's Pitmasters and other than Myron being a huge (male Pee-Pee) I enjoy it for new techniques that I can try here. People think that cooking is so hard when all it is trying something and following directions, oh and getting people full on beer or wine doesn't hurt either. Today we were going to smoke 2 chickens (yard birds) vertical with a beer can full of a liquid, smoked root veggies and for the Saints and Jets game I wanted to pre-cook some chicken wings but with a little twist.
No I am not cleaning out the spice closet

Something that I picked up from the show, brining the whole birds and wings in seasoning too

2 for $5.00 and I know of a certain Nova Scotia resident who is smiling!

Back when I did the Beer Butt chicken in Belize with my friends who own CIL I used Belikin Stout as my liquid and it really came through in the meat, today I am using Balsamic and Orange Juice

First why the Fek didn't I come up with that invention? Second I am glad that I had my drunken neighbor save me a beer can since I don't imbibe!

That is right, chicken wings wrapped in a full piece of bacon with some rib rub sprinkled on it for luck.

Oh I also watched the Jersey Shore show from my Tivo so I had to do some smoked Garlic (here in a little Olive Oil. (Note I almost said EVOO like that twit Rachel Ray but my inner Tony Bourdain said NO!)

Taters, Corn and Celery

Running out of room so I had to improvise

While that was smoking, I made drop biscuits

Birds are done! (And look they are giving each other a chest bump)

I let the nurse do the cutting on the bird for me!

Note the veggies should have been oven roasted as the smoke flavor really didn't do much for them but the Chicken ROCKED!

And here is Didi because he makes fun of me for my blog!
All in all it was a good lesson, and I will let you know how the Chicken Wings turn out!
Go Saints and J-E-T-S!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Foam Ringing at 595

One of my faults (other than being devilish handsome) is that I am a semi food hoarder, not like those freaks on TV mind you, but if I see a deal I will purchase something in bulk. My mantra has always been "we will use it" well after doing some organization I have come to the realization that we need to use what we have before we go to the store again. A couple items that I found in the freezer was a bag of 9 chicken wings, some frostbitten hamburger patties and some buns. I put my finger to my head and say "I wonder what Sonny 'Balls' Wilson would do?" That's it! Tonight will be Alex's Tavern night at 595!
For those of you who don't know what I speak of, Alex's tavern is the oldest Tavern in the city and is located in the crime-free Evergreen district near the old crosstown Sears Building. Alex Kasaftes opened it 56 (I think) years ago and it was a place for the men to go in the afternoon while supper was being cooked to visit and have a cold one. It has evolved into a great venue to watch football, hang out with friends and the menu has been pretty simple - Burgers, Wings and Chicken Tenders. Rocky (Alex's son) is the owner and chief bottle washer and has been a good friend to both me and Mrs CBT. If you have never been, give it a try.

Gotta go in the back by the patio

Sonny Wilson - Sadly he no longer works there but not a day doesn't go by that I don't miss him!

Added some 'kick' to it thanks to tacogirl
Yep that is butter chunks in the Hot Sauce!

Thaw them sucker out and cover them with Cavenders Greek Seasoning!

Oh this will clear your sinuses out!

On the flat top cook those burgers till they are 'oh so good'!

I used a pre cooked wing as normally you should fry them but then they go into the Hot Sauce of love

Again normally it is served on a Styrofoam plate and a beer cup is cut into half for the dressing but you have to improvise

I bet that Tacogirl and Ruthie are drying out their keyboards as they have drooled on them

You know you have a good and hot wing sauce when your head is sweating, eyes watering and tomorrow morning you will be singing "Ring of Fire"
Love the Tavern and the Rock-Mo Greek burger!

You may refer to Mrs CBT as the Gnocchi queen too!

Well after Momma made those wonderful Tamales when she informed me that she was going to try her hand at making sweet potato gnocchi I was more than happy to clear the crap off of the kitchen counter and fire up some Peroni Beer. Gnocchi is considered a soft noodle or dumpling and is made with the same type of flour that pasta is made with (Durham or Semolina) according to Mr Wikipedia. When she said she wanted sweet potatoes I was like ok, knock yourself out, I am intrigued. I come downstairs and sure enough there are those little pinkie sized dumplings of love and in the saute pan is looking like a pomodoro sauce which makes sense. Well let me tell you again THAT SHIT ROCKED THE HOUSE! Defiantly a recipe keeper! I better get my but in gear or Momma will be taking my title as head Chef at 595 (but of course we all know that I am the boss of her!)

Didn't score them like a little football but that is ok by me!

These little jokers are going to be frozen and vac-u-sucked for later!

There is nothing sexier than something boiling in Water is there?

She added Black olives, Anchovie Paste and all kinds of love!

Out of the bath and cooling

Oh yes I am getting a chubby right now!

Threw in some buttered noodles for good too!
Good times!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What in the world is Carbunkle Trumpet

up to besides being 5 foot 7 inches tall....

Maybe Taco Girl is getting some new undies from Rump Shaker, or maybe Taco Boy is getting a new thong from CBT....

Dear 9lb, 8oz Baby Jesus lying there in your Ghost manger, please don't let it be the picture of Pedro on the steps at Lime....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Am I the only one?

The other day I tweeted that Willie Mitchell had passed away after a long illness and I get a response "who is that" and I ask myself why am I the only person who knows about the storied Music history of Memphis? Now I am not talking about Elvis (who would have been 75 today) but the others who have either called Memphis home and moved on or still reside in Memphis.
I guess I was lucky growing up here in that when I was in grade school I used to recall either a big white Rolls Royce or Gold Lincoln Continental pulling up to the all girls school as we were dropping off my sister and the excitement. Mind you this was in the late 1970's but the person who was getting dropped off....Isaac Hayes' daughter and he had just came out with 'Shaft" years earlier.
Fast forward to High School as I was on the basketball team (Stop snickering) as a student trainer the year we won the State Championship. We go over to one of our teammates grandfather's house off of Mendenhall in East Memphis to have a pool party. In the pool house I wasn't so much interested in the beer but rather looking at all of these gold records and proclamations that were on the wall. The player on the team Archie Mitchell, the grandfather - Willie Mitchell.
So off I go to College, I date this girl who's sister is a restaurant manager in Memphis and she invites us to her club's grand opening. We get VIP invitations to this club on Beale Street and get to 'sit in' on the sound check, meet the namesake of the club and get to break bread with him by eating some fried chicken. The name of the club and the artist.....Blues Boy King.
I have to admit it wasn't till I was in college and soon afterward that I become to appreciate the music history and sadly it wasn't fellow Memphians who taught me, it was the tourists who come to Memphis in droves....
Memphis has a great music history and has a lot of musicians come through to practice their trade and or record here, I hope someone else pays attention before they are all gone.

The Reverend and Poppa
Yep he is one bad Mutha

Bar Kays - Another Memphis institution

Reverend Al Green

Elvis Costello (always in and out of town)

Crosby Stills and Nash
Hard to see her but that big white spot on the stage is Aretha Franklin

Had to do it - Hey Danny!

He may be a spaz but he is a Memphian and got his start at the Peabody Hotel during an ice storm. Oh that is Jason D. Williams

Joyce Cobb

Don McMinn

Ok I have to put a pic of the Hampster burial yard. And a picture of the Belizean Queen!

Mr Kate Hudson still comes to record here

That is Archie in the white shirt

20 years and we still look good!
Rest in Peace Willie, thanks for making and producing some great music here.